RFP: Improvement Advisor - Oral Health Access Improvement Collaborative

Request for Proposals
Improvement Advisor
Oral Health Access Improvement Collaborative
July 2019-  December 2020


AFL Enterprises is seeking proposals for a qualified Improvement Advisor who is skilled and experienced in the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough Series methodology (BTS) to support a local pilot project in San Francisco, CA, The Access Collaborative.  The Access Collaborative will improve quality of services within dental practices that serve large proportions of Denti-Cal beneficiaries.  This pilot will utilize the Breakthrough Series Collaborative methodology to teach dental practices in San Francisco how to implement efficient practice systems and provide preventive services to Denti-Cal beneficiaries in a sustainable manner.  The Access Collaborative will provide dental practices with opportunities to learn and practice the skills they need to integrate continuous quality improvement into their ongoing and daily work.

The goal of implementing the Access Collaborative is to increase preventive dental care utilization through quality improvement support for dental practices that serve 0-5-year-old Denti-Cal beneficiaries.

Roles and Responsibilities of Improvement Advisor:

The Improvement Advisor will use the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Breakthrough series methodology to support and run a series of three Quality Improvement Learning Collaboratives designed to support FQHC and private dental practices to implement system changes that will enable the practices to monitor, report and improve performance on the specified measures in the Collaborative.  The following are the detailed expectations of Improvement Advisor role.

Required Responsibilities and Experience:

  1. Partner with the Collaborative Director and Collaborative Coordinator toguide the Collaborative work
    1. Provide input to develop Learning Session Agendas and sequence the teaching of improvement science and methods
    2. Provide insights/guidance on what to teach when, & input on who will teach
    3. Assess team progress and recommend strategies to achieve Collaborative goals
    4. Provide support and coaching to teams to guide them in learning and applying QI methods
    5. Coach Collaborative staff and faculty in supporting teams, and guiding the implementation of the drivers and measures
    6. Provide input to develop monthly reports for participating teams.
  2. Expert in Improvement theory and methods
  3. Teach and coach the faculty and participating health center teams in implementing the Breakthrough Series (BTS) method and on application of the Model for Improvement
  4. Coordinate the development and finalized theory for the topic (aim, measures, changes)
  5. Design the measurement system/metrics and address measurement issues
  6. Assess Collaborative progress and recommend strategies to achieve Collaborative goals
  7. Guide the development of the Charter and Change Package & finalize at the conclusion of the Collaborative.
  8. Advise the evaluation team in the overall evaluation of the NNOHA Dashboard Collaborative.
  9. Review final results and make recommendations for the next phase of implementation of the Collaborative.