AFL Enterprises Announces Growth, New Staff Members

DENVER, CO – Updated Friday February 1, 2019

AFL Enterprises, LLC (AFL) -
 a leader in public health program design, implementation, evaluation, database development and reporting – has two new staff members to welcome to AFL Enterprises this year.  Joining AFL in the month of January is Leah Arneson as Special Projects Coordinator, and joining AFL this February is Sarony Young as Project Manager. 

“We’re thrilled to welcome these two talented and experienced individuals on our team,” says President Colleen Lampron. “Their commitment to improve the health of underserved populations is evident in their approach to the work, and commitment to excellence – which is exactly what we need as our roster of clients continues to expand.”  

AFL Enterprises works on projects with a number of national and local organizations, including the National Network for Oral Health Access, Caring for Colorado Foundation, and the San Francisco Department of Health.  AFL looks forward to having the skills and talents of both Leah and Sarony to help meet the objectives of these projects.

With more than 40 years’ combined experience, AFL's project portfolio includes public health and oral health program implementation, data analysis and database development. AFL partners with clients to combine strategic thinking with real-world problem assessment to deliver solutions that move projects forward. For more information, visit