AFL has two new staff members.   Leah Arneson is the new Special Projects Coordinator and Sarony Young is our new Project Manager.  Welcome Leah and Sarony!

San Francisco Dental Transformation Initiative - 2020 Enrollment Now Open!

If you are a dental provider who current serves or plans to serve Medi-Cal Dental patients 0-5 years, you are eligible to participate. Read this to learn more about the collaborative and how you can enroll today.

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Make a Difference

AFL Enterprises is helping to transform oral healthcare for kids in San Francisco - learn how to apply today to the SFDTI Dental Access Collaborative!

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Health Center Participation in the NNOHA Sealants Improvement Collaborative

See how six health centers in North Carolina had the chance to participate in a NNOHA Learning Collaborative thanks to the Blue Cross NC Foundation.

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