Health Center Participation in the NNOHA Sealants Improvement Collaborative

DENVER, CO – AFL Enterprises, LLC (AFL) – a leader in public health program design, implementation, evaluation, database development and reporting – partners with national organizations leading an effort to shift the quality of care in dentistry across the country.   

We are proud to share our recent article, published on the National Network for Oral Health Access (NNOHA) website, about how Blue Cross NC Foundation enabled six health centers to participate in a NNOHA Learning Collaborative. Click here to read it now!

AFL Enterprises LLC, has partnered with NNOHA for the last five years to develop the health center dashboard, support quality measurements, and help facilitate Learning Collaboratives. (insert link to dashboard)

NNOHA’s Learning Collaboratives offer health centers the opportunity to learn quality improvement practices they can incorporate into their daily work. Apply for the NNOHA Sealants Improvement Collaborative today by clicking here!

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